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Since 2010, DTC Passion team, we have seen the needs for telecommunication devices for all level of consumers, especially the lowest level income group. since then we have started our DTC products & devices research and development, design and artwork, CNC prototype, materials testing and selection, to re-define the suitable level of materials specification with quality and reliability, to calibrate and to develop into most enjoyable user-friendly and most affordable devices for our DTC users.

Our passion and drive in engineering, in innovation, in technology research, in multi-countries or multi-cultures brainstorming discussions are limitless, and most of the time resulted with fantastic and innovative improvement or breakdown concepts for our future development. We are also very active in supporting and driving Cricket Hong Kong. Creating awareness among the youth and youngster in Hong Kong.

Our tagline, "your voice, our passion". We welcome everyone anyone feedback, suggestions or even complaints, all these voices, contribute towards our passion in further development, further improvement in products and in services.


We welcome you to sign up our newsletter or LIKE our facebook pages. And allow us to let you feel our passion too.

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